Ep. 104- From Accountant to Part-Time Mermaid: Tracy Jepson’s Journey to Building Her Dream Team and Opening a Scuba Shop

Ep. 104 Dream Team Made Her A Merdaid

Join us for this inspiring episode as Mastery Certified Profit First Professional, Tracy Jepson, shares her journey from accountant to part-time mermaid and successful entrepreneur. Tracy shares how she built her dream team and empowered them to go all in on their roles, giving her the freedom to pursue her passion for scuba diving and open her own scuba shop, Flying Fish, in Topeka, Kansas.

Learn how Tracy applied Profit First principles to achieve financial success and create a business that supports her dreams and passions. Don't miss this uplifting and informative episode filled with practical tips and insights for building your dream team and achieving your entrepreneurial goals.