Ep. 45 – Advanced Profit First Strategies for Managing Owner’s Pay and Profit Distributions

Ep. 45 Advanced Profit First Strategies for Managing Owner's Pay and Profit Distributions

In this episode, we welcome back Bille Anne Grigg, Chief Guide of Profit First Professionals, to dive deeper into advanced Profit First strategies. Join us as we explore how to manage the Owner's Pay Allocation/Account when using a Payroll Service, as well as handling Profit Distributions and leveraging a Vault Account. With Bille Anne's expert guidance, you'll learn how to take your Profit First system to the next level and achieve even greater profitability and financial success. Whether you're just starting out with Profit First or looking to optimize your existing system, this episode offers invaluable insights and strategies for managing your finances like a pro. Tune in for actionable tips and practical advice that can help you take your business to the next level with Profit First.