Ep. 111 Automate Allocations with NorthOne

Episode 111 Automate Allocations with NorthOne

Cue the confetti!!!! FINALLY, a bank that embraces Profit First!!!! NorthOne’s co-founder and CEO, Eytan Bensoussan, walks us through how to automate your allocations using their sub-account envelopes. With NorthOne you can open your account from your comfy couch in no time at all! BONUS: Profit First Nation listeners get a $50 BONUS when they open their NorthOne account using the link: https://apply.northone.com/profitfirst. CHECK OUT our visual recap that walks you through how easy it is to get NorthOne set-up as your primary bank or your inconvenient bank to save you time by automating your allocation calculations and transfers.

Episode 111: Automate Allocations With NorthOne