Ep. 121- Supercharge Your Business with Profit First: Insights from Jake A. Carlson’s Modern Leadership Journey!

In today's episode, Danielle is joined by Jake A. Carlson, who shares his journey with Profit First and provides information about his Modern Leadership podcast. Jake delves into the practical implementation of the Profit First account system in his businesses, even going beyond the standard required accounts. He presents fascinating examples of the system for profitability and cautions against common pitfalls. Additionally, Jake reveals his five leadership superpowers and offers a complimentary download on his website. Through Jake's valuable insights, discover more about the reliable and proven Profit First methodology.

[01:43] Jake explains how he learned about Profit First and how he implemented the process into his business plans
[05:31] To get started with Profit First, Jake implemented the plan page by page
[07:44] Jake shares how they have added two accounts to the original five and how those operate within his business
[11:07] Jakes explains how he keeps a three-month reserve in each of his accounts, which enabled him to keep operating during the first two months of Covid when there was no income
[16:44] Jakes insists the clients he coaches listen to Mike on audible, and if they aren’t willing to listen, he doesn’t coach them
[21:19] Jake outlines why he started the Modern Leadership Podcast, and he discusses what the Leadership Power Assessment is

First Profit can help your business succeed if you follow it wholeheartedly.
Accounts should maintain at least a three-month reserve to provide peace of mind.
A true leader is a person who not only supports the employees but listens to them.