Ep. 123- Unleashing the Power of Profit First: Jeff Wickersham’s Journey to Financial Transformation and Mindset Mastery

Ep. 123- Unleashing the Power of Profit First: Jeff Wickersham's Journey to Financial Transformation and Mindset Mastery

Join us as we hear from Jeff Wickersham, an accomplished author, coach, and podcast host, who generously shares his firsthand encounter with the Profit First system. Jeff enthusiastically describes it as a "Game Changer" for his businesses, highlighting a surprising realization that a venture he believed profitable was experiencing financial losses. Additionally, Jeff introduces us to his podcast, the Morning Fire for Entrepreneurs, where he dives into the power of mindset and the transformative potential it holds, even with just ten minutes a day. This episode of Profit First is genuinely uplifting and inspiring.

[01:43] Jeff explains how he learned about Profit First and how he implemented this game changer process into his business plans
[03:55] Jeff shares what his finances were like before Profit First and how they improved when he opened the required accounts
[06:27] Cutting expenses quarterly and how Jeff raised his prices without losing customers
[11:00] Jeff talks about after he closed his gym, he still walked away with knowledge about nutrition and the physical, which assists him as a coach
[12:27] What lessons were learned from the pandemic regarding sticking to the fundamentals
[15:07] Jeff discusses personal struggles and how they framed his podcast. He also talks about how to change your life in 10 minutes a day
[22:18] Jeff shares the key to happiness through a gratitude journal and how vital a mental attitude is

There is only one way to increase your profitability. That is to decrease expenses and increase margin.
To change your life, you need to change your habits. Changing your habits starts at night before you go to bed. Set yourself up for success.
Being grateful every week will raise your happiness level by 25% at the end of ten weeks.