Ep. 126 – Boost Your Profits: The Power of Done For You Services Unveiled by Danielle

Ep. 126 Boost Your Profits: The Power of Done For You Services Unveiled by Danielle

Danielle reveals her brilliant insight that has the potential to enhance your bottom line. Many clients desire a comprehensive project solution. Have you considered expanding your services to simplify the process for your client? Try integrating "Done For You Services" into your offerings. Clients are willing to pay more for a job fully complete. Danielle gives you an example of just how easy this can be.

[00:25] Danielle talks about designing the programming around the next book Mike Malowitz is writing
[03:51] Done for you services are incorporated into the revamped program, and the weeks-long program is now five days.
[11:00] How do you assume the burden for your client
[12:50] How can you incorporate convenience and speed to deliver results to your client
[15:15] How can you provide direction and clarity and also tap into their feelings about your service and the final product
[18:55] Upleveling your service and charging accordingly
[21:00] This podcast is now on YouTube, and consider working with a certified Profit First Professional Accountant

By adding services to your existing package, you can attract customers who want entire projects completed, not just one of the services that may be a part of the whole project.
Don’t be afraid to charge for extra services. Many clients are willing to pay for a quality service that completes the entire project. Build your profit by charging premium rates for premium services.
You may need to collaborate with other businesses to offer a complete package for a client. If a service is outside your expertise, collaborate with an expert.