Ep. 129 – How to Leverage Indeed Job posts to Attract THE BEST Applicants

Ep. 129 How to Leverage Indeed Job posts to Attract THE BEST Applicants

Today, Danielle explores a significant cost for your business: payroll. Making the right hiring decisions can benefit your financial results or lead to major errors. Where can you locate 5-Star employees? Danielle provides statistics on where you will find candidates. She also provides a comprehensive overview of the Indeed Job Posts website, offering valuable insights on effectively recruiting through this job posts platform.

[00:00] Payroll is one of your business's most significant expenses, and you need a 3 X return. Danielle shares her own experience of having 5-star employees
[04:30] Using the Indeed Job Posts platform as a hiring tool
[07:37] Danielle outlines the percentages of applicants coming from various sources and the benefits of casting a wide net
[10:33] How do make Indeed more effective and the three tips to make the algorithm and scoring favorable to a job posting
[16:53] Danielle gives some quick tips on selecting a job title when posting on Indeed
[21:21] Tips on getting your posting past the trust and safety team and examples of how Danielle recruits on Indeed
[26:42] Danielle discusses the All In Company and how they can assist you in your recruitment, hiring and retention of 5-star employees

Employees should produce a three X return on their salary.
Carefully consider the job title you post on Indeed so you can attract the candidates you are seeking.
Indeed gives the best experience to applicants of all job posts platforms.