Ep. 133 Bonus – Motherhood, Apple Pie and All That Happy Horseshit

Ep. 133 Bonus - Motherhood, Apple Pie and All That Happy Horseshit

Cyndi Thomason, a certified expert in Profit First at the mastery level and the author of Profit First for E-commerce Sellers, has also authored Motherhood, Apple Pie, and All That Happy Horse Shit. Today, Danielle and Cyndi will explore various work schedule structuring methods to provide flexibility. Our jobs often contribute to our sense of identity, and when we leave a full-time job, it can leave us feeling like a part of ourselves is missing. However, incorporating flexible work hours can alleviate that sense of emptiness. Take advantage of Part Two of their engaging conversation, where Danielle and Cyndi discuss maintaining flexibility with your staff while ensuring productivity.

[01:50] Cyndi reveals why she entitled her book Motherhood, Apple Pie and All That Happy Horse Shit
[05:51] A discussion of parents in the workplace
[09:11] Championing a new concept of flex time and recognizing you can be successful and not be in the corporate world
[19:23] You can save on payroll when you hire five-star employees on a part-time basis and still pay market wages
[23:48] Cyndi discusses the purpose of her organization from the beginning
[25:00] Cyndi’s book has opened the eyes of women who would like to get into the workforce at a part-time level and regain their identity
[27:24] Cyndi gives an example of how a doctor can enjoy a flexible schedule and offer it to their employees
[30:55] Cyndi’s book is on Amazon and Audible, with resource links in the book

The culture has changed so that men and women can work from home. Covid certainly exacerbated that concept, but the mindset was changing even before.
Some people can work from home, and others need an office environment. Choose what works for you.
Productively isn’t lost when you have the right employees working part-time or from home.