Ep. 139: Resume Red Flags Too Costly to Ignore

Ep. 139: Resume Red Flags Too Costly to Ignore

Danielle may hit a nerve or two in this episode when she highlights the RED FLAGS you cannot ignore when it comes to making 5-Star Employee Hires.

For most businesses, PAYROLL is your biggest expense and can be a significant drain on your profitability when you make a hiring mistake.

When your payroll is full of average, ho-hum, or worse employees – you need more labor at more expense to do the work that just one 5-Star Employee can accomplish.

Remember: If 5-Star Employees represent the top 15% of available talent – then statistically speaking, you will need to filter out 6 out of every 7 candidates to get that top 15% candidate.

You have to raise your RED FLAG alert level to max as you take candidates through your hiring gauntlet.

In this episode, Danielle lists multiple warning signs that HR professionals and business owners engaged in the hiring process should embrace.

Take notes to seeing and eliminating candidates based on critical candidate "RED FLAGS.”

[00:21] Danielle goes all in on hiring employees today
[04:03] Red Flags- Working less than one year at multiple recent employers and exaggeration of duties and responsibilities
[05:38] Red Flags- If their formal education is in an unrelated field from what you are looking for and their resume suggests a double employment history
[07:05] Red Flags- Grammar and punctuation errors and specific fields and industries Danielle would never hire from
[10:05] Fields and industries we want to hire from
[13:21] Danielle shares case histories
[20:19] Danielle compares part-time employees to children and gives more examples of red flags
[24:08] Danielle gives a fast overview of today's episode

Working long-term in a company can be defined as working two years or more in the same company.
There are industries you should avoid when looking to fill a position because they represent fields where there isn’t urgency involved in their job.
If a person can’t correct errors in their resume, they are not the type of person you want to hire.