Ep. 141 -Seas the Day and Take Your Vitamin See

Ep. 141 -Seas the Day and Take Your Vitamin See

A well-structured schedule is essential to achieve permanent profitability in your business.

In this episode, Danielle gives a picture-perfect, ideal schedule of successfully managing her time across her multiple companies, and her team members.

Once you have mastered the ideal schedule, she unveils eight sure-fire tips to enhance the Vitamin SEE within your organization. If you are still trying to figure out what Vitamin SEE entails, this podcast will help you seas the day and keeping your business on course to permanent profitability.

[00:21] Being a proactive, profitable entrepreneur and avoiding operating in reactive, it’s too late, mode
[03:52] Creating the ideal schedule for your week, Danielle shows a sample schedule that works for her
[13:53] Danielle describes Vitamin SEE and how it has helped the business of All In and how this is for 5-star employees
[18:14] Rapid fire: Eight tips for solidifying the Vitamin SEE in your organization – a non-negotiable
[23:43] Danielle encourages listeners to follow the eight tips outlined in this episode

A business owner will be more successful if they work intentionally from a schedule so one doesn’t waste time.
You should always tell employees you appreciate their accomplishments when they accomplish their goals.
Don’t allow anything or anyone to hijack your schedule. Your schedule is that critical.