Ep. 144: Fixing the Errors of Mishires

Ep. 144 Fixing the Errors of Mishires

How often have you hired someone only to discover they were a “Mis-Hire.”

Today’s episode of Profit First Nation is about hiring mistakes that could have been avoided. Danielle gives examples of failed hirings and the points the interviewer overlooked on the candidate’s resume or in the interview.

Don’t miss these red flags when you conduct your next job interview. They will save you time and money.

[00:20] Danielle explains how to go “all-in” on building a stable of five-star employees
[03:30] Danielle offers a resource form on their website profitfirstnation.com/144 to be completed to analyze mis-hires from the past
[07:02] Example of an individual who had multiple jobs and had to drive 40 miles to work
[14:27] Example of an employee who only wanted to work remotely
[18:23] Example of an employee let go because of poor work and the potential that a supervisor may be chasing away employees
[23:27] An Example of an employee who leaves a prominent company for a company that is not well-known and making sure the employee is qualified to do the job
[28:32] In some industries, the skills need to be current with current apps and programs

Payroll is most likely your business' biggest expenses if you have seven or more employees.
Most businesses have a 75% mis-hire rate versus only a 10% rate if you use the ALL IN Hiring System.
A study of your mis-hires will prevent you from making the same mistakes.