Ep 146- Danielle’s Modus Operandi

Ep 146- Danielle’s Modus Operandi

In this episode of Profit First Nation, host Danielle Mulvey reveals her seven key principles that she consistently applies to her business operations. She shares personal anecdotes and practical examples to illustrate her modus operandi.

Danielle underscores the value of these principles in her own journey as an entrepreneur and how they have contributed to her success, providing valuable insights for entrepreneurs seeking sustained profitability.


[00:53] Introduction to Danielle's six modus operandi.
[01:31] Modus Operandi 1: All of us are smarter than one of us.
[03:19] Modus Operandi 2: Why don't airplanes fall out of the sky?
[09:13] Modus Operandi 3: One teaspoon at a time.
[11:10] Modus Operandi 4: 50 times - Who says it the most wins?
[16:41] Modus Operandi 5: Care and feed your employees like they are your children.
[19:24] Modus Operandi 6: Freedom and flexibility for all.
[23:37] Modus Operandi 7: "Seize the day and your daily huddle.


"All of us are smarter than one of us." Danielle emphasizes the importance of collaboration and surrounding yourself with smart people both within your team and in your network. Working together and seeking diverse perspectives can lead to better outcomes in business.

Danielle highlights the significance of using checklists in your business operations. Drawing inspiration from the aviation industry, where pilots follow checklists to ensure safety and consistency, she encourages business owners to adopt checklists to enhance efficiency, consistency, and reduce errors.

Treat your employees with the same level of care and support as you would your own children. By providing a sense of safety and appreciation, your employees can thrive, which in turn leads to a better work environment and greater success.