Ep 149 ALL IN: Power Skills with Kelly Ruta

Ep 149 ALL IN: Power Skills with Kelly Ruta

In this ALL IN edition of Profit First Nation, Danielle welcomes Kelly Sullivan Ruta, a clinical psychotherapist turned coach, focused on building an unstoppable team by cultivating emotional agility.

Kelly shares insights into the concept of the Ultimate Inner Operating System, emphasizing the importance of skills like emotional agility and emotional intelligence in scaling a business via power skills.

If you want to learn how to enhance your own emotional intelligence and empower your teams for success, this episode is for you.

[00:19] Introduction to the episode and guest, Kelly Sullivan Ruda.
[03:31] Discussion on the importance of emotional agility when scaling a business and building a strong team.
[04:50] Highlighting the impact of emotional agility on talent retention, stress reduction, and avoiding burnout.
[06:47] Example of a company overcoming challenges through the development of emotional agility.
[09:19] The significance of incorporating learning and development into an organization for employee satisfaction and business success.
[14:13] Reframing soft skills as power skills and their measurable impact on business outcomes.
[16:50] Distinguishing between emotional agility and emotional intelligence.
[19:06] Connecting emotional intelligence to effective communication, problem-solving, and creating a positive workplace culture.
[22:27] Emphasizing the importance of aligning team values and the positive outcomes it produces.

Key Takeaways:
Developing emotional agility is a powerful tool for leaders and teams to navigate challenges, maintain resilience, and create a positive work environment.

Reframe the terminology from "soft skills" to "power skills" to acknowledge the measurable impact these skills have on business outcomes, team performance, and overall success.

Emotional intelligence is essential for leaders to connect on a deeper level with their teams, fostering a positive workplace culture, reducing turnover, and increasing employee satisfaction.