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You are here because you have kicked operating your business “check-to-check” to the curb. You are here because you are sick and tired of working too hard and putting too much at risk for little to no reward.

You are here because you realize you cannot continue to operate your business like an ostrich with your head in the sand when it comes to your company’s financials.

You are here because by leveraging Profit First as a cash management system for your business you are on a path to permanent profitability.You are here because you are a top 17%-er entrepreneur.

As a top 17%-er, you represent the “Profit First” percentage of businesses that are not operating check-to-check and have money in the bank to correlate to your profitability.

When you implement Profit First and begin immediately allocating at least 1% of your income deposits to profit – you put yourself in that awesome top 17% category.

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Latest Episodes

  • Ep. 154 – 3X the Function, Not the Title
  • April 30, 2024

Ep. 154 – 3X the Function, Not the Title

In this latest episode of Profit First Nation Podcast, we are thrilled to bring to the forefront a concept that could fundamentally change how you invest in and evaluate your team. As an entrepreneur at heart, understanding the balance between payroll expenses and business revenues is crucial. Today, we tackle the concept of tripling the function of roles within your company to massively increase effectiveness and profitability.

Maximizing Your Investment in People
The idea of tripling the function of a role within your organization is simple yet profound. It comes down to ensuring that for every dollar you invest in payroll, there’s a significant return on that investment in terms of contributing to your business's revenue. During the episode, I discuss practical examples and strategies on how to achieve this, whether you are considering hiring new staff or optimizing current roles. 

Strategic Role Design: Beyond Job Titles
A key takeaway from today's discussion emphasizes the danger of getting too caught up in job titles. Titles often inflate expectations but might not align with the actual needs of your business. By focusing on the functions necessary for your organization's success, you can better align roles with your business’s operational goals and financial strategy.

Real-World Insights and Success Metrics
By diving into real-life scenarios and dissecting the framework of actual businesses, the episode provides tangible advice on how to approach hiring and role creation strategically. I discuss how often companies fall into the trap of inflating titles without aligning them with genuine business needs or appropriate compensation, thus affecting their profitability and operational efficiency.

The art of defining key responsibilities with success metrics is highlighted as a vital strategy. Outlining clear, measurable outcomes for each role ensures that every team member not only understands their duties but is also aligned with the company’s broader financial goals.

Conclusion: Tune in Now and Transform Your Approach
For anyone looking to squeeze out more value from their business operations, understanding how to triple the function of your staff’s roles versus simply increasing their titles is game-changing. This episode is packed with insights and actionable strategies that could revolutionize how you think about team structure and payroll investment.

Don’t miss out on this transformative discussion. Tune in to this episode of Profit First Nation Podcast and start optimizing the functionality of roles within your business today. Achieve more, spend less, and drive your business to new heights of profitability. Listen now and empower yourself to make strategic decisions that will pay dividends for years to come.


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  • Ep. 153 – 8 Profit First Mistakes
  • April 23, 2024

Ep. 153 – 8 Profit First Mistakes

Welcome to another episode of Profit First Nation Podcast, where we bring you practical strategies and insights to help you achieve financial success in your business. In this episode, we dive deep into the world of Profit First and uncover the top 8 mistakes entrepreneurs often make when implementing this revolutionary financial system. Join us as we discuss how to avoid these pitfalls and maximize your profitability.

1. Neglecting to set realistic profit targets:
One common mistake entrepreneurs make is failing to set realistic profit targets. Without clear profit goals, it's easy to get caught up in day-to-day expenses and lose sight of the bigger picture. We discuss the importance of setting achievable profit targets and how to align them with your business goals.

2. Failing to prioritize profit allocations:
Profit First emphasizes the importance of allocating profits first before any other expenses. However, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of neglecting this step and instead focus on covering bills and expenses. We share practical strategies for prioritizing profit allocations to ensure consistent financial growth.

3. Overestimating revenue and underestimating expenses:
Another common mistake is overestimating revenue and underestimating expenses. This can lead to cash flow issues and hinder your ability to generate consistent profits. We provide tips on accurately forecasting revenue and managing expenses to avoid this costly error.

4. Ignoring the power of small, consistent profit allocations:
Profit First advocates for small, consistent profit allocations to build financial stability and security. However, entrepreneurs often overlook this strategy and instead wait for larger windfalls. We explain the benefits of regular profit allocations and how they can transform your business's financial health.

5. Not adjusting profit allocations as your business grows:
As your business evolves and grows, it's crucial to adjust your profit allocations accordingly. Failing to do so can result in stagnant profits and missed opportunities. We discuss how to adapt your profit allocations to accommodate business growth and maximize your financial success.

6. Relying solely on bank balances:
Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of relying solely on bank balances to gauge their business's financial health. However, this can be misleading, as it doesn't account for future expenses or profit allocations. We explore alternative methods for tracking and measuring profitability.

7. Neglecting to review financial reports regularly:
Regularly reviewing financial reports is essential for identifying trends, spotting potential issues, and making informed business decisions. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs often neglect this crucial step, leading to missed opportunities and financial setbacks. We share strategies for incorporating financial report reviews into your routine.

8. Failing to seek professional guidance:
Implementing Profit First can be complex, especially for those new to financial management. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to navigate this system alone, without seeking professional guidance. We discuss the benefits of working with a Profit First professional and how they can help you achieve your financial goals.

Avoiding these common Profit First mistakes is essential for achieving financial success in your business. By setting realistic profit targets, prioritizing profit allocations, and regularly reviewing financial reports, you can take control of your finances and increase your bottom line. Don't miss this episode, packed with valuable insights and practical strategies to help you unlock the full potential of Profit First. Tune in now and discover how to make Profit First work for you!

Ready to improve your business's financial health? Listen to this episode of Profit First Nation Podcast and learn how to avoid the top 8 Profit First mistakes. Don't miss out on valuable insights and strategies that can transform your business's profitability. Tune in now and start maximizing your financial success! 


• Website: https://www.daniellemulvey.com/
• Linkedin: http://linkedin.com/in/danielle-mulvey-66a315
• Website: http://theallincompany.com
• Website: http://profitfirstnation.com
• Website: http://mikemichalowicz.com
• Linkedin: http://linkedin.com/in/mikemichalowicz
• Twitter: http://mikemichalowicz
• Website: http://profitfirstprofessionals.com
• Books: http://mikemichalowicz.com/books/

  • Ep. 152 – Play for Monopoly Control
  • December 28, 2023

Ep. 152 - Play for Monopoly Control

If you ever have the slightest intention to sell your business, understanding its value is crucial. Strategic pre-planning for the sale can enhance your value builder score so you sell at a premium multiple of earnings.

In today's discussion, Danielle delves into one of the eight key drivers to improve profitability: monopoly control. Following that, she will explain ten distinct strategies to attain monopoly control.

Whether you are contemplating an exit from your business now or eons from now, this episode is a must for every entrepreneur.

[01:21] What is the value of my business, how do I raise profitability, and what is monopoly control
[06:24] Danielle shares ten ideas and strategies that will raise your profitability; however, be advised that you won’t serve everyone when you are a monopoly of one
[10:25] Rule One: Does your technology set you apart
[14:27] Rule Two: Customization and personalization
[16:07] Rule Three: Providing exceptional customer service
[17:16] Rule Four: Package what you offer so that it cannot be price-shopped
[20:18] Rule Five: Develop brand identity
[21:46] Rule Six: Create a user experience
[23:02] Rule Seven: Connecting with other partnerships and collaborations
[25:02] Rule Eight: Position your business as the industry authority
[27:56] Rule Nine: Use innovative marketing and selling strategies
[29:03] Rule Ten: Trial periods and guarantees

Always be conscious of driving the value of your business, especially when considering exiting the business. “Monopoly Control Strategies” such as education and knowledge sharing, innovative marketing and selling, and "done for you" services can significantly impact the valuation of a business.
Achieving “Monopoly Control” is crucial for maximizing the price and margin in your business. Strategies such as branding, storytelling, and offering trial periods and guarantees can help businesses stand out in the market and dictate pricing.
Connecting with customers through storytelling, sharing educational content, and offering personalized services. Building a strong brand identity and aligning with customer values can differentiate a business in the market.

  • Ep 151 Relish Your Ownership
  • December 19, 2023

Ep 151 Relish Your Ownership

In this episode of Profit First Nation, Danielle discusses the importance of relishing your ownership and maintaining a balance between personal and business finances.
She emphasizes the need to take ownership of key areas in your business to ensure long-term success.
These key areas include owning your day, owning your numbers, owning Profit First, owning leadership, and owning your role in the community.

[00:20] Danielle introduces the topic of "Relish Your Ownership" and the importance of enjoying business ownership while maintaining financial responsibility.
[00:46] Personal Piggy Bank: Danielle warns against treating your business like a personal piggy bank, emphasizing the need for financial responsibility.
[01:12] Five Key Areas of Ownership: Danielle outlines the five key areas of ownership: owning your day, owning your numbers, owning Profit First, owning leadership, and owning your role in the community.
[03:07] Own Your Day: Danielle discusses the importance of starting your day with intention, following the Miracle Morning routine, and prioritizing tasks.
[05:48] Own Your Numbers: Danielle stresses the significance of owning your sales numbers, forecasting, pipeline, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.
[10:53] Own Your Financials: Danielle emphasizes the importance of reviewing income statements, balance sheets, and financial reports regularly.
[12:21] Taxes and Payroll: Danielle highlights the need to own your business taxes and payroll, and the responsibility of the business owner to ensure accuracy.
[18:15] Pricing: Danielle discusses the importance of owning your pricing strategy, regularly increasing prices, and focusing on profitability.
[19:42] Profit First: Danielle advises business owners to own their Profit First allocation percentages and to take an active role in the allocation process.
[22:17] Be a Leader: Danielle explains the role of business owners in leading clients, vendors, and employees with positivity and encouragement.
[24:31] Community Involvement: Danielle suggests being cautious about community involvement when it might interfere with running your business effectively.

Start each day with intention by following a morning routine that includes silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and journaling. This sets the tone for a productive day and helps you prioritize important tasks.
Own your sales numbers, forecasting, pipeline, accounts receivable, accounts payable, taxes, and payroll. Regularly review financial reports and ensure accuracy, as the business owner is ultimately responsible for these aspects.
While it's essential to be a leader in your business, be cautious about overcommitting to community involvement, as it can consume valuable time and resources. Focus on activities that provide a significant return on investment for your business.

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